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Thoughts and actions

Troll: τι σημαίνει μια από τις δημοφιλείς λέξεις του κόσμου των social media;
verb [transitive/intransitive]
to write negative or provocative comments on a website in order to deliberately cause others to react in a particular way

noun [uncountable]
troll or troller
noun [countable]
‘Even Olympians like Rebecca Adlington Get Trolled … the 23-year-old is vowing a self-imposed Twitter prohibition for the duration of the Games so as to avoid abuse. Boasting some 50,000 followers the medal hopeful is very aware of trolling about her appearance.’

Rant Sports 31st May 2012
‘Manchester United star Ashley Young has become the latest celebrity to fall victim to the growing menace of internet trolls. … He was subjected to vile taunts by a Twitter user following his failed spot kick during the quarter final against Italy in Kiev.’

Manchester Evening News 26th June 2012
‘Imagine the unbridled chaos if trollers could comment on something, elicit reactions, and then edit their initial comment to make the responders look bad.’

Hot Hardware 22nd June 2012

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